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To: Executive Council/Affiliated Organisations/Congress Committees/Congress Staff

Dear Colleagues,

On Saturday May 18 the trade union led Raise the Roof initiative will stage a mass rally in Dublin in protest at the ongoing and worsening housing emergency. The rally will start at Parnell Square at 1pm.

In recent days, Fr Peter Mc Verry has described the housing situation as one that has morphed from “a crisis to catastrophe” and most experts believe it will worsen in the short to medium term, unless there is a dramatic change in official policy.

This multi-faceted emergency extends across all levels of the housing sector and affects virtually all sectors of society: workers, families, women, students, pensioners, travellers and many others.

As part of the Raise the Roof, Congress has put forward clear solutions to this crisis, such as the urgent need to build more public housing and to create a legal right to housing, which already exists in some 80 countries worldwide. A petition in support of the Right to Housing is available at this link: https://www.ictu.ie/raisetheroofpetition

Huge numbers of young workers and their families now find themselves locked out of the housing market, unable to either buy or rent an affordable place to live. Housing is no longer seen as a human right but as a plaything of speculators and developers.

Therefore I believe it is imperative that affiliate unions do their utmost to ensure we have as many members as possible on the May 18 rally to send a clear signal to government that a radical shift in housing policy is needed in order to bring this intolerable situation to an end.

Patricia King
WEB: www.ictu.ie

Congress is the largest civil society organisation on the island of Ireland, representing and campaigning on behalf of some 832,000…

SIPTU Dublin District Council has organised an “Ask the Candidates” event in Liberty Hall this Tuesday (23rd April).

Dublin European election candidates have been invited to attend as well as representatives of the parties running candidates in the local elections in Dublin city.

The event is an important opportunity for SIPTU members to outline issues and policies of concern to them, their families and communities.

The local election husting will take place from 7.00 p.m. – 8.15 p.m. followed by the European election husting from 8.15 p.m. – 9.30 p.m.

Note: far right candidates have not been invited.

Ask The Candidates 23.04.2019

Raise The Roof rally in Cork, 11th March 2019

Raise The Roof Rally Cork 11.03.2019

SIPTU Meath District Council housing seminar and launch of housing campaign, 15th March 2019:

SIPTU Meath DC housing campaign launch

SIPTU Meath DC housing seminar and campaign launch


Delighted my trade union is wholeheartedly supporting an unofficial, wildcat, walkout strike decided collectively at rank and file level by a show of hands (or feet). (And on an issue wider than just an immediate employer.) More please.

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