May 2012

Yesterday Clare Daly TD called on the SIPTU leadership to get off the fence on the Fiscal Treaty

Posted by Clare Daly on 30 May 2012

Conditions laid down by union in return for ‘yes’ vote have not been met

SIPTU member and Socialist Party/United Left Alliance TD for Dublin North, Clare Daly has called on SIPTU General President to come out on behalf of the union and call for a No vote in tomorrow’s austerity treaty referendum

“A ‘No’ vote call from SIPTU General President is the only logical step given that the €10 billion investment guarantee they demanded from the government in return for advocating a ‘Yes’ vote has not been delivered.

“The truth of the matter is that such a commitment was never going to be forthcoming from the government and the position the SIPTU leadership took was a device to avoid calling for ‘No’ vote alongside Mandate, TEEU, CPSU, Unite, TSSA and IWU who stood with the European Trade Union Confederation in opposing this deal.

“Again SIPTU are pulling their punches from the point of view of representing the interests of their members because of their ties to the Labour Party. How much more austerity must be shoved down our throats from this government before SIPTU cease handing over thousands of members money to the Labour Party which has proven itself a more than willing accomplice in the cuts agenda.”

The SIPTU position is here:,15786,en.html

From today’s Irish Times (25th May 2012):

“Seán Kelleher, who worked at the Tramore Road plant for 47 years, said workers were happy with their settlement.

“’People might give in too easily without a fight to get what is justly theirs. I hope we have given a good example,’ he said.”

You have, Seán, you have!!