February 2013

Email members of SIPTU’s National Executive Council to tell them what you think of  Croke Park  II, here:



From Paddy Healy

A meeting to organise resistance to the changes to pay and conditions under Croke Park 2 will be held in Teachers Club, Parnell Square, on Wednesday next, February 27th, at 8pm.

The meeting has been called by 5 branches of TUI to organise resistance to Croke Park 2 within the Education Sector.

The organisers have agreed to facilitate discussion among all public sector trade union activists and pensioners (pensions are to be reduced under the Deal) on organisation to oppose the Deal

Please come along at this time of great danger for public servants and for the trade union movement generally.

Legalise Abortion in Ireland - Legislate for X - March to Dublin Castle, March 4 2013

The following statement is circulating and was planned to go out from some shop stewards and union reps. I have not seen it surface in the media yet. I signed it  though I have a reservation on at least one secondary point. I don’t fully agree with the tactic of stopping contributions to union political funds because it might give an excuse to those who would like to prohibit political issues from union business.



The leaders of the ICTU are presenting the demonstration on February 9th as being solely directed at the EU and the ECB. Some have gone out of their way to say it is not directed at the Fine Gael-Labour government.

We, the undersigned, however will be marching to demand BOTH the lifting of debt burden and an end to the austerity policies of the Irish government.

We believe that the union leaders should be:

· Proclaiming their opposition to the property taxes which will take €500 million out of, the pockets of low and middle income earners mainly.

· Opposing the cutbacks in public spending that have led to the loss of 30,000 jobs and reduced services.

· Organising against attempts to reduce public service pensions, allowances or conditions of work.

We believe that the reason why so many union leaders have been reluctant to fight the government with any real determination is that they are members of the Labour Party.

We call for an end to all union funding of Labour Party and urge members of relevant unions to notify their head offices of their desire to cease making a contribution from their dues to this party.

Finally, we believe that it is time to return to proper, real unions that stand up for their members.

We call for a withdrawal from the current round of talk designed to worsen the already draconian terms of the Croke park agreement.

ICTU DayofAction All Locations

Protest on Feb 9th

Lift the Burden – Jobs Not Debt

Ireland makes up less than 1% of Europe’s population, but are expected to repay debt of €64 billion – far bigger than the bank debt of major powers like Germany, the UK and Spain.

We comprise a tiny fraction of the European economy but have pumped more into our banks than any other EU state.

  • So far, the average EU citizen has paid €192 to cover the cost of their bust banks.
  • But our bank bailout has cost every Irish citizen almost €9000 – nearly 50 times the EU average!
  • And we are expected to pay more!

Our bank bailout prevented the collapse of the European banking system and probably saved the Euro.

The whole EU benefited, but we are expected to foot the €64 billion bill alone.

The bank debt burden is unsustainable and unjust. It will cripple us for generations to come.

No matter what sacrifices we make, or how ‘competitive’ we become, there is no hope of recovery until this burden is lifted.

We must act now and send a clear message across Europe. Join the National Protests on Saturday, February 9 (assemble 1.30pm).

Assembly Point

DUBLIN: Cook Street (near Civic Offices, Wood Quay);

CORK: SIPTU offices, Connolly, Hall Lapps Quay;

GALWAY: Cathedral Car Park; LIMERICK: Mechanics

Institute, Harstonge Street; WATERFORD: The Glen (in front  of the Forum); SLIGO: Sligo County Council Offices, Riverside