Saturday May 25th Liberty Hall 2:00pm

Two thirds of trade union members and a clear majority of unions in the public service have voted to reject the ‘Croke Park 2’ Proposals.

Pay Cuts and Worsening of Conditions have been overwhelmingly rejected. There must be no weakening of trade union resolve.

All workers, whether employed in the public or private sector must unite in a common cause to reject the Government’s programme of austerity. Cuts that are achieved in the public sector will be applied by private sector employers and vice versa.

As predicted, the ‘talks’ on a revised ‘Croke Park 2’ have led to a pathetic minor tweaking of the original proposals – cuts in pay and conditions for all remain. Unions had no mandate to agree cuts that were already rejected.

The revenue that the Government says it needs to raise must be raised by progressive taxation; those who have most, paying most. This should include higher taxes on high earners, a wealth tax and a financial transaction tax.

The threat by the Government to introduce legislation to drive down living standards must be vigorously resisted and must be met by coordinated industrial action involving all trade unions.

The rally on May 25th will make clear our continuing opposition to the Croke Park 2 proposals and will consider how we can ensure a further NO vote and a real fight against austerity. It will also consider how we change our unions to make them more democratic. We must reclaim our unions.

Speakers opposed to further talks on the cuts agenda from unions across the public sector have been invited. We are structuring the rally so that there will be plenty of time for rank and file members to contribute to the discussion.

Contact: or 087 6775468/ 086 3862532