January 2016

From the People Before Profit Alliance website:

SIPTU Activists Say Don’t Call For A Vote For Labour

This [sic] year’s SIPTU conference was a controlled affair where delegates were persuaded to vote down a resolution to disaffiliate from the Labour Party.

But the union leadership has opened a consultation period among activists about whether or not they should call for a vote for Labour.

The feedback they are getting is highly negative. District committees that previously voted against a resolution to disaffiliate are balking at an open call to vote Labour. They are not convinced that they could stand in front of their members and urge such a vote. They know that they are in danger of losing all credibility.

The union leaders are now claiming that access to the political fund will be open to non-Labour party candidates. Time will tell how sincere they are on this.

The Labour Party has been a disaster for workers. They used special legislation known as FEMPI to slash the wages of public sector workers and threaten them with further cuts if they did not agree to disastrous social partnership agreements.

They imposed a policy of age discrimination against young workers by insisting that new entrants who joined the public sector after 2011 started on a lower rate.

SIPTU members should get onto their representatives and demand that their union does not call for a vote for the Labour Party.

January 20th, 2016