Fraom Paula Geraghty of Trade Union TV:
Hi all,
The Dublin Bus strike is continuing the workers are just as determined as ever not to let the company bulldoze their rights away. Watch the video report from Day 3 here.
Watch and share, we need to counter the right wing propaganda!
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Paula Geraghty
Trade Union TV
From Paul Geraghty of Trade Union TV:
Yet again transport workers are under attack in Dublin. There’s a long tradition of this but also a long tradition of transport workers fighting back. The workers voice is absent from the ‘debate’ or the proaganda machine against workers and unions.
Let’s join the workers and take a stand by distributing workers media. Watch this video by Trade Union TV of interviews with strikers and pass it on on Facebook and Twitter or what ever way you can.
100 years after 1913 transport workers still bear the brunt of attacks but they are taking a stand- join them and show solidarity!
Paula Geraghty
Trade Union TV


Another great poster design from Moira Murphy and  1913 Unfinished Business.

Please circulate, print and display.




11th January 2013


Email: busworker.action.group@gmail.com



All Dublin bus drivers must support our colleagues in Bus Eireann in the weeks ahead. Management in Bus Eireann are trying to force in drastic cuts in pay and conditions for workers and drivers, and their plan is an exact copy of the attacks that Dublin Bus management plan for us.

Both companies want to slash payments for overtime and rest days. Both want to cut the number of holidays we have, (already among the lowest for European workers!) Both want to attack our sick scheme and the number of sick days, and both plan to withdraw for the income continuance scheme forcing drivers to pay the total cost of it.

In addition the Dublin Bus wish list goes future demanding cuts in shift pay for some drivers, a drastic attack on travelling time conditions, and most seriously the introduction of part time drivers on much worst pay and conditions that will have little of the rights and conditions we have fought and won over the years.

This reserve labour force would be used to eliminate any overtime earnings and undermine what would be left of our jobs and conditions. Nor would the attacks end here. If successful we can expect more of the same from the company in the next few years. Cuts and increases in pension fees, garage closures and amalgamations, and the constant threat of losing routes to private operators under new NTA rules.

The company will use fear of these route losses to push for more and more attacks. They and the Government are using the recession as a weapon to put fear into workers. Every year, if they get away with this, the Government will cut the subsidy and the company will demand we pick up the tab.


Behind these attacks stand Varadkar and the Government. While they force in austerity on workers to pay for bankers debts, they are also intent of pushing in radical changes to public services and unionised work places. They want to send workers’ pay and conditions back to the Stone Age and think they can get away with it after the weak response from our unions over the last five years.

It’s time we got off our knees!

We have to start to fight this insane agenda, and that starts with ALL CIE workers standing in solidarity with Bus Eireann drivers. Only unity between all CIE workers can force a climb down on these attacks. We need to send our union official’s a clear message that we will not accept the kind of sell outs that they forced on public sector workers and that we won’t pay for the mess that bankers and speculators have made of our society.
The Bus Workers Action group will be campaigning in the weeks ahead against this plan and for solidarity between all workers. We will be holding information meetings for drivers soon and will hold our unions to account for any retreat on these cost cutting plans.

Cuts Are Palatable Says GS

The NBRU General Secretary Mick Faherty stated tonight on the RTE nine o’ clock news he stated that Bus Eireann Management rewrote the document & stating it was more palatable.

Drivers need to send a clear message to both Trade Unions and to the NBRU General Secretary Mick Faherty that rewriting a document to change drivers pay & conditions is not palatable to any driver in any of the CIE Group.

This is the same negotiation committee that have let the company asset strip Dublin Bus vehicles of the roads, dozens of Bus Eireann’s routes scrapped and massive cut backs in rail journeys throughout the CIE Group.

Do not be deterred by the threats of legal action by the company it’s time the group of CIE workers all stood together as one we must as workers hold our unions to account and that means no cuts to our pay and conditions.

All Drivers should vote no to any document that comes back from the labour courts. After all what are both unions in discussion for but to cut our pay & conditions.
Vote No To Cuts